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Josh Bremmerer

Josh Bremmerer

Greetings, fellow adventure seekers! I’m Josh Bremmerer, and my skiing journey has been a thrilling odyssey through snow-covered landscapes and alpine wonders since the age of 2, guided by my dad and brother. From early days in the instruction shack to hurtling down slopes in racing gear, my passion evolved into a captivating 8-year stint on the freeride tour, where I forged a lasting relationship with my sponsor, Nordica, contributing to skiing innovation since 2012.

Transitioning into managing a ski shop in the Pacific Northwest added a new dimension to my multifaceted enthusiasm, connecting me with the vibrant local skiing community. About four years ago, my life took a turn influenced by my wife, Maia. The allure of the travel industry and its flexibility prompted a significant change. Seizing the opportunity with dual citizenship, I relocated to a captivating ski area in Italy’s northwest corner. Now nestled in this picturesque corner of Italy, I work remotely from my slopeside apartment with Maia, our energetic Jack Russell, Havoc, and our adorable 3-year-old son, Fabi.

Every day, weather permitting, you’ll find me hitting the slopes, soaking in breathtaking views, and reveling in the magic of skiing. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or yearning for mountain thrills, join me on this adventure. Let’s carve through the snow, explore alpine wonders, and create memories echoing the joy of a life lived on the slopes. Ski on!


(+1) 360.820.0773 (GMT +1)