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Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, Stowe, Vermont Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, Stowe, Vermont Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, Stowe, Vermont

Invigorating and powerful natural forces of Stowe, Vermont

Mount Mansfield is both a protective barrier and a celebrated attribute of the Stowe community. Its distinctiveness and mass grant us an earthly sense of proportion. The mountain evokes a spectrum of emotions from fear to bravery, awe to serenity, and spirituality to awareness of self.

Each of the trails at Stowe Mountain Resort offers a unique experience – hence “The Great 48.” Because no two trails are alike, individualism and self-expression awaken within those who explore the mountain’s character. The mythology and magnetism of Stowe are the inspiration that continues to bring the community at large to this special place.

Stowe’s preeminent position in the resort industry is upheld by constantly striving to exceed the needs of skiers and snowboarders, while carefully protecting the natural heritage of the surroundings. Honoring this challenge has shaped the unique philosophy of their culture, community and company. This way of life has been handed down for generations.

The natural forces that exist on this mountain in Vermont are invigorating and powerful. To lift one’s spirit by simply and silently looking around is inspiring. Making a dynamic connection with the natural world is momentous. The energy is derived from the sense of place, passions and culture.

Stowe Mountain Resort is a ski resort in the northeastern United States, near the town of Stowe in northern Vermont, comprising two separate mountains: Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak.

The lift-served vertical drop of Mount Mansfield is 2,360 feet (719 m), the fifth largest in New England and the fourth largest in Vermont.

The resort is primarily owned by AIG since 1988.The average annual snowfall at the resort summit is approximately 333 inches (850 cm).

The ski area is composed of Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak. Some 116 trails on Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield provide 39 miles (63 km) (485 acres (1.96 km2)) of skiable terrain.

Trail Maps

  • 802018_trailmap
  • Stowe_pistemap
  • Stowe, Vermont Trail map, 1966-67 season.
  • Stowe-Mountain-Resort-Ski-Trail-Map.mediumthumb.pdf
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Lodgins in Stowe