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Miranda Styles

Miranda Styles

Operations Department Support Specialist


1-800-755-1330 Ext 313


Sarah Rzeminski

Sarah Rzeminski

Support Manager

Sarah Rzeminski is the Support Manager. After 12 years in the retail industry, she joined our team in 2023. She has an undergrad degree in sociology from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in TESOL from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Travel-obsessed since her first trip abroad at 13, she’s been making her way around the world ever since, including a two year stint teaching English in Ecuador. Sarah’s first trip to Africa was a solo trip to Kenya in 2015. Immediately falling in love with the people, culture, and phenomenal wildlife, she planned a return trip, this time to Tanzania and Zanzibar. After a second life-changing visit in the books, she encourages everyone she meets to add Africa to their bucket list. When she’s not traveling, she’s hanging out with her dog, gardening, or singing along to Taylor Swift.


1-888-281-5565 Ext 283


Denise Gordon Rusboldt

Denise Gordon Rusboldt

Mountain Travel Specialist

Denise grew up in Pasadena, California with parents who loved a good long distance road trip. Destinations included National Parks, the Southwest deserts, oceans, and mountains. Her father was an engineer from Jet Propulsion Lab and often their family vacations included ‘science’ lessons on the stars, lakes, rivers, snowpacks, desert winds, and ocean life. Her mother was more interested in fine dining and boutique hotels. So, the combination made for a first-hand travel education early on. This spirit of adventure and exploration guided her career working in the Outdoor Industry as a Brand Retail Marketer for over 17 years in Seattle, Washington. Her clients included Patagonia, Salomon, Giro, Smith Sport Optics, Burton, Merrell, Columbia Sportswear, Outdoor Research, The North Face, and Teva to name a few. Many of her client travels took her to ‘their offices’ and included a ski or other outdoor adventure as part of ‘getting to know the brand’ followed by the finest local dining experiences. Spending time in communities guided by locals gave her further insight into the delights of travel. This led to a leap of faith moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2005 to start her own branding company with a focus on the Outdoor Experience. It was during this time she met her husband, a Swiss-Canadian ski coach, and Heli-ski guide. She now splits her time in Boulder, British Columbia, and the Hawaiian Islands. Having traveled to almost all 50 states, and over 20 International countries, her travel experience is firsthand. Since 2015 Denise has worked as a Travel Agent in the Ski Industry and has experience in European River Cruises. Her goal is to tailor each and every vacation to exceed expectations, surprise and delight her guests. No vacation is one size for everyone, and thus she values listening, details and getting to know how to make each trip uniquely memorable. In her spare time, you’ll find Denise skiing, hiking, paddling, kitesurfing, and traveling. She loves to cook, does a little yoga, and makes a daily walk a daily practice.


1-800-755-1330 Ext 285


AJ Templeton

AJ Templeton


A.J., a.k.a. Amanda Jo, went on her first trip at the tender age of 6 weeks and hasn’t stopped traveling since. AJ spent most of her childhood summers, with her family, exploring the National Parks, small towns, and out-of-the way places in the western and mid-western United States. She has an easier time telling you where she hasn’t been in the U.S., as opposed to where she has been. She spent three seasons working at a small luxury guest ranch in Wyoming and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the West.

AJ completed her B.B.A in International Business at Florida Atlantic University in 2004. As a result of working for Alpine Adventures, she went back to school, finishing her Master of Science degree, at the University of Central Florida, in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2009.AJ now spends most of her time teaching the “Travel & Hotel Management” program at a small university in Ohio, where she enjoys sharing her experiences with her students. In her spare time, AJ enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her dog, Ruby.


1-800-755-1330 Ext 229


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Here are frequently asked questions answered by our experienced travel agents who specialize in planning winter mountain vacations.
You can contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns. Their priority is providing you with information and tips on how to plan your trip and have unforgettable memories from a well planed holiday.
We are prepared to help even experienced traveler with some specific questions.
Just fill in a contact form, or call us, our toll-free number is: 1.800.755.1330

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Can I get a last minute reservation during the holidays?

Amanda: Absolutely! The key to last minaute availability is flexibility, as you may not be able to get all the itemsa on your wish list, but you will be able to get out on the slopes.

John: There are always reservations that fall out around the holidays, so it never hurts to try to secure one of these.

Cassandra: Yes, although you are much better off booking any holiday or high traffic weeks well in advance it is always possible to find a last minute cancellation or release of space. Flexibility within a date range is the key here.

How can I ski free?

John: There are some packages with resorts that offer lift tickets when you purchase X number of lodging nights. Sometimes only one night.

Holly: Some resorts in France offer free lift passes to seniors over the age of 75.

Cassandra: Varies from resort to resort. Could be an early bird booking incentive, low season incentive or as simple as bringing your boarding pass to the lift window on your day of arrival.

How do kids-ski-free deals work?

John: Kids ski free packages are tied together with lodging packets with their parents or family members.

Cassandra: Usually connected to the adult buying at least a 5 day ticket as offered in Steamboat Springs but could be associated with a particular promotion provided by a resort , a hotel property or even an airline.

How early can I book a ski vacation?

Amanda: In some places up to a year in advance.

John: Booking a trip can be done at any time, but lodging rates and lift rates are normally not set till late summer. All resorts differ.

Cassandra: Hotels are much easier to book early but I have been able to arrange a package a year prior to travel for clients.

Holly: Some resorts will honor present year’s rates for the following year if paid in full when booking

Is a hotel less expensive than a condo?

Cassandra: All depends on the total number of people divided into the price. With 4 adults in one condo versus 2 hotel rooms scenario, the condo will most likely price better. I can easily check which works best for you and your family.

Amanda: Not necessarily. It will all depend on the location, quality level, and room type.

John: Condos have the option of being able to prepare some of your own meals, where hotels do not offer this and this can save money.

Holly: Is a hotel less expensive than a condo? This would depend on which two properties you are comparing.

Is ski-in/ski-out worth the extra money?

Cassandra: I would advise you based on the age and ability of your party and of course the specific resort. Some resorts have private guest shuttles which offer easier and quicker access to the slopes. In this case I would not pay the extra for staying slope side. If the lift is literally out the back door of the hotel like the Borders in Beaver Creek, the Viceroy in Snowmass or the Club Med in Val Morel there is nothing better.

Amanda: If you are a die-hard get on the slopes as soon as possible then, yes! Things to consider before splurging: – Is the ski-run a match to your skiing/boarding ability? A ski-in/out home on a black run isn’t worth the extra money for a beginning skier/boarder. – Will everyone in the party benefit from the ski in/out location? If the kids are in ski school and it is more convenient to drive/shuttle then you may be better off in a walk in/out or shuttle location that is closer to ski school or downtown.

John: If you like to be able to walk out from your accommodations and be right on the mountain, yes. It also gives you the option to ski more and break more often if you want.

Holly: To some, it definitely is, for others being in the center of the resort has more appeal.

Should I get trip insurance?

Janet: This is one of my favorite questions to answer because I have seen the need for travel insurance so many times, that now most of my clients will tell me from the beginning what their ski request entails and travel insurance is just as important as their lodging choice. So it takes a small amount of money for the protection that can come in handy for so many of the unexpected events that can happen regarding sickness, injury, and even death in the family before or during travel. The answer is yes.

Amanda: I always do when I travel and I highly recommend it to all my clients. To me, trip insurance offers protection in the event of flight delays, cancellations due to weather, or if there are any accidents on the slopes (among many other things). You take out car insurance for protection when you drive, why not protect yourself and your vacation?

Cassandra: Absolutely. Ski vacations are a big investment and you want to be protected. Not only does it cover you for accidents/illness but severe weather delays. During the holiday dates this is especially important. Due to the oversold nature of flights during these weeks it could be days until the airline is able to get you on another flight. In the meantime you are paying in full for your trip even though you are not there to enjoy it. It is especially important for those traveling to Europe or South America. Even a minor injury on the slopes could call for an extensive evacuation.

Holly: This is always a good idea as you can’t tell what will happen in the future, and if something happens to prevent you from going on your vacation this may allow you to recover the cost.

Due to high luggage fees with most airlines, I recommend to rent skis

John: When most resorts open for the season is the best time to grab early deals.

Cassandra: Early November to mid- December, most of January and April.

When are the peak seasons?

Amanda: Christmas/New Years, President’s Weekend, and Spring Break are the most common. For the Utah resorts, Sundance Film Festival (January) is considered a peak part of the season.

Cassandra: Third week of December to first week of January. Mid Feb to end of March, typically again depending on resort.

John: All the holidays and Spring Break.

Holly: Christmas, New Years, school vacations.

When is the best time to book a deal?

Janet: The best time to book a deal is in the summer for winter holidays in Europe, Canada and U.S.—some of the best promos will expire by end of July. The promos will still be available but not at the steepest discounts. People who get the best deals have booked their trips by August.

Cassandra: The Early Bird catches the worm here. The very best booking deals are available as early as May for the upcoming US/Canadian season. You can get up to 40% off to book in early summer. For South America trips you can get approximately 30% off to book from January to March for their summer ski season.

Amanda: Book early!!! Contrary to popular belief, waiting until the last minute is not the best time to book a deal. Lots of resorts offer ski free/stay free deals, early booking rates (or book by rates), and other steals for people who will book early.

John: Early and late in the season. There are some last minute deals that do pop up at some resorts.

Why should I buy a package instead of buying everything myself?

Holly: If you work with Alpine Adventures you have someone to contact should something arise and you need assistance. If you book on your own there is no one to call.

Amanda: Buying a packaged ski vacation saves you both time and money. Let your expert agent put everything together for you, after all it’s their job is to know the who, what, when, and where of all things ski. So while your ski expert is planning your ski adventure (and saving you money), you can go do more fun things – like buying a new ski jacket or mapping out your apres ski route.

Cassandra: Alpine has contracted wholesale pricing with all our vendors and can pass these savings onto you. It is my job to then custom your package specifically to your needs and budget by finding the very best offers available for your dates. Talk to an expert and save yourself hours trying to match you and your family to the best resort and property. I have been there, skied there, stayed there and am happy to share my expertise with you.

John: You could miss out on a lodging offer, lift offer or lesson offer. There may also be an option that you would not think about.

Do ski resorts guarantee good snow conditions?

Holly: Snow conditions are up to Mother Nature. The resorts can supply man-made snow if the weather conditions permit. Again it’s our friend Mother Nature that controls this.

Amanda: Ski resorts would love to guarantee good snow conditions but Mother Nature doesn’t allow for that type of commitment. Snow is most unpredictable in the beginning and towards the end of the season, but many resorts have snow making machines to assist with the snow quality.

Cassandra: Many resorts have state of the art snowmaking capability in this era of ski to increase the probability of skiable conditions. And many resorts will refund for no snow or a percentage of lifts not open.

How can I get free lodging?

Amanda: Ask about BOGO (Buy One Get One) and Ski Free/Stay Free deals! Various resorts offer great specials for skiers/boarders that are able to book early. A select few resorts offer the opportunity to ski free on their arrival day (restrictions apply, of course.)

John: Some of the resorts offer free night stays when purchasing a set number of nights, every resort is different.

Cassandra: The Early Bird catches the worm here. The very best booking deals are available as early as May for the upcoming season. Waiting to book “last minute” deals not always the best tactic. That being said, there is almost always some sort of deal out there if you can be flexible with resort and dates of travel.

How many people do I need on my trip to rent a house?

Amanda: One! While there are limits to how many people a house can sleep, and be in accordance with fire safety regulations, there is typically not a minimum number of people necessary for a property rental. (European reservations being different.) If you are looking to save money, sharing a house with another person/couple/family is a great option.

John: House rental guest numbers vary from resort to resort and what you are willing to pay to have a house to yourselves.

Holly: You can actually book a house for yourself if you wanted to.

Cassandra: As little as 4 and up to as many as 30 people in some of the European Chalets we offer.

Is going on a ski vacation in the spring less expensive?

Amanda: Spring skiing is fun and is generally less expensive (many resorts consider Spring “low” or “shoulder” season, which means a great deal for anyone looking to tear up the slopes!) Skiers/Boarders should be cautioned that they are at the mercy of the snow-gods for late skiing conditions.

Cassandra: Spring skiing can be some of the very best skiing of the entire season. Sunny days, concerts, events and spring break draw a ton of skiers in the month of March. April skiing always brings fantastic offers. The weather patterns the last 3 to 4 seasons have offered great snow and deals, deals, deals. Do note Mother Nature can always change her mind. If you have April in mind and are flexible it could be advisable to wait and make this a last minute trip based on conditions.

John: Spring skiing does have many offers at various resorts and prices to reflect this.

Is mid-week ski vacation a lot less expensive than one that includes the weekend?

Janet: Usually the answer is no when it comes to lodging, but it is true that some resorts can fill up on weekends if they are close to local markets where locals ski on weekends. Also, weekends can be tough when looking at air, and once the availability becomes limited, then sure the price will go up. Often, a mid-week ski vacation can cost less but it doesn’t mean always.

Amanda: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It should be noted that for those wanting to enjoy the beautiful European resorts many only work within a Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday time frame.

John: Mid-week over weekend really depends on the time of year. Mid-week tend to have more offers than weekend.

Cassandra: If the resort is a “drive” market like Breckenridge for example, properties will reward you for arrival Sunday and departing before the weekend. In Europe, they require a weekend date arrival and they only discount for low seasons not days the of week. Is ski in/out worth the extra money?

Should I take my skis or rent?

Janet: This is a great question and the answer depends on the client’s equipment. If it’s old equipment, then renting is the better choice. By the time one pays the airlines to bring their equipment, rental has been halfway paid for. The rental companies have the latest and best equipment for the conditions. That’s my main reason for loving to rent. Also, we now use many companies that will deliver the equipment and can fit our clients at their lodging, so the wait in line method at the ski rental store is no longer the most efficient way to pick up skis. The prices are competitive so it just makes sense. Having said all of this, my latest adventure made me wish I had at least my own boots. Having a good pair of boots that fit well and don’t hurt the shins and feet has to be the absolute most important aspect of skiing that I know of. So my advice is bring your own boots and rent if you are not that happy with your own equipment.

Amanda: This is a very personal decision. Traveling with equipment is not as easy as it used to be and it is worth looking into rental equipment. If you don’t want to take your equipment because it is too much of a hassle or maybe it is a short trip I recommend renting. For those that are advanced/expert think of it as an opportunity to rent equipment that is hot on the market (a.k.a. demo equipment). It is like renting a car that you want to buy but a) want to test it out first or b) can’t afford it but still want the experience.

Cassandra: With the increasing cost of baggage fees and the availability of state of the art skis and snowboards in every resort, it only makes sense to rent. You will be able to change out your equipment daily or hourly if you want as the conditions change. What could be better?

John: Renting gives you the option of trying the newest equipment available and is less of a hassle unless you are driving to a resort.

Holly: With the cost of taking your skis on a plane many people are opting for renting. This allows you to try out a pair of skis you are considering purchasing.

What is the difference between a package and a deal or offer?

Amanda: A package is the bundling of 2 or more travel products (i.e. buying lodging, transportation, lift tickets, and travel insurance together). A deal or offer is a discount given on just one travel product. The benefit to buying through wholesalers is that in packaging travel products together a client can save over purchasing travel products individually. Plus a travel expert is up to date on the savings and specials available and can better maximize the savings for their client both in dollars spent on the trip, and time searching for all the deals.

John: Packages tend to include more options than deals or offers.

When do prices drop?

John: At the start of the season (early) and then again at the end of the season.

Holly: Many resorts start to lower their pricing in March.

When do the prices go up?

Amanda: Prices will typically drop after the New Year, they will go up again around the President’s Day Weekend and then taper back down. Prices drop into “low” season towards the end of March. Most ski resorts close around the 2nd or 3rd week of April.

John: Holidays see higher rates.

Holly: Holidays school vacations. In Europe in February is mostly high season.

Why is it less expensive to buy a packaged ski vacation?

Cassandra: Alpine has contracted wholesale pricing with all our vendors and can pass these savings onto you. It is my job to then custom your package specifically to your needs and budget by finding the very best offers available for your dates. Talk to an expert and save yourself hours trying to match you and your family to the best resort and property. I have been there, skied there, stayed there and am happy to share my expertise with you.

John: More options are include with reduced lodging, lift, lessons.