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8 hours in Dubai

Fly Emirates

8 hours in Dubai

On a recent stopover in Dubai, I had the opportunity to get out of the airport and explore a little of this magnificent city.

As you can see it was a very quick trip, but we did see a few of the highlights the city is known for.

Booking Emirates business or first class comes with some perks that come in very handy when you have a layover in Dubai.

Not only is it access to lounges with them, but it also includes airport transportation and a hotel room if your stay is long enough to qualify. We arrived into Dubai at about 8 pm and were whisked away compliments of Emirates Airlines to a nearby airport hotel. We got checked in, washed our face, and hit the town.

Due to the timing of the day, we rushed over to see the Spice market and the gold market just off Dubai Creek. This market gives you some of what Old Dubai was known for as a port for trading spices from the east, and pearls from right in Dubai. In fact, Pearls were the largest source of wealth to this small country, prior to the discovery of oil in 1966. After walking the markets, we then proceeded to the Dubai Mall. This mall has everything you could want or need in a mall, shops restaurants, and even The Dubai Fountain. The fountain, 275 meters in length and shooting water to heights that are equal to a 50 story building, it is quite a sight to behold. Even at 50 stories, this fountain has a backdrop that makes the fountains look small. The Burj Khalifa towering in the background is over 828 meters and 200 + stories, has an observation deck at the 122nd floor. Here are some pictures of Dubai.

After this fun evening, it was time to rush to the hotel, get cleaned up, have a quick $15.50 Budweiser and head back to the airport.

Eric Rystedt
August 30, 2018.